On-line Backups with CrashPlan

How to do On-line backup with CrashPlan.

CrashPlan is a great, easy to use online backup software.  Not only does CrashPlan allow backing up to the cloud but also to a folder on your computer and even to another workstation.

You can also send your Crashplan backups to an attached drive like this one Drobo 4 Bay Gen 3 DAS


CrashPlan supports the follow operating Systems:

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Mac

I’m going to step though a basic setup of CrashPlan, backing up to all the desitantions (cloud, folder and workstation).

Download the software from www.crashplan.com and install it.
After logging in
Click on the Destinations tab
Click on Folders
Click on Select and find where you would like to have a local backup of your files
Click ok



Files to Back Up

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